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Matters before the appellate division shall be heard on the fourth Friday of every month at 1:30 PM, or such other time determined by the Judges of that division by order entered in the minutes.
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A civil matter involves a lawsuit in which one party sues another to recover money, real property or personal property, to enforce a contract or an obligation, to collect damages for injury (tort), or to protect some civil right. The California Rules of Court (CRC) and local rules published by each Court in the state are available online to view.

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criminal law


The Superior Court has jurisdiction over misdemeanor and felony criminal charges. Misdemeanors are offenses generally punishable by fine and/or county jail term, and felonies are generally punishable by imprisonment in the State prison and/or fines, or even the death penalty. The Court conducts arraignments where accused individuals are informed of the specific charges against them and are advised of their rights

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The exhibits department exists to uphold the ethical conduct of the Court. By following the procedures and policies set forth by the Court we will preserve and protect all exhibits filed with the Court, keeping them safe, secure and confidential. Exhibits are maintained in several locations throughout the San Bernardino Superior Court.

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Family Court Services

The Family Court has extensive jurisdiction over many domestic matters. It is designed to resolve disagreements arising from divorce and legal separation, including provisions for the care of children. Our Family Court division is committed to the processing and management of all domestic matters with integrity, sensitivity and timeliness.

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Family Law

The Family Law Division handles various actions such as Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce), Domestic Partnership, Legal Separation, Nullity, Paternity/Parentage, Guardianships, Child Custody and Visitation, Spousal and Child Support, Domestic Violence or Elder Abuse and Adoptions.
juvenile law


Juvenile Court handles Delinquency cases, in which anyone under the age of 18 (minor) is cited or arrested by a law enforcement agency, as well as Dependency cases, in which a minor is  removed from the custody of their parents or legal guardian due to allegations of abuse or neglect.

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Mental Health

Mental health courts are a type of problem solving court that combine judicial supervision with community mental health treatment and other support services, in order to reduce criminal activity and improve the quality of life of participants.

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The Probate Department of the Court handles decedents’ estates, trusts, and conservatorships. These matters are filed and heard in the San Bernardino Civil/Probate Division only. The Probate Department also hears petitions to establish fact of birth, death, and marriage as well as elder abuse petitions.


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Small Claims

Our Resource Center can assist self-represented litigants with small claims cases. Although we can explain court procedures and review forms, we cannot provide legal advice, and we do not have the ability to complete forms for you. Our services include information regarding all phases of the small claims case, from the demand, filing the suit, going to court, and collection issues (how to collect & how to defend against collection). You can visit our Resource Center in person, or contact by phone or email for assistance.

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If you were cited for a traffic violation, the court will mail you a reminder notice at the address listed on your ticket. Failure to receive the reminder notice does not excuse your obligation to pay it on or before your appearance date.  For more information on traffic view it here.